Competitor's Detailed Information

"Perico - USA 60376"

Registration Information:
Owner's Name: Ryan Johnson
From: Chicago, IL USA
Representing Club: Columbia Yacht Club
Registered Crew: 8
Course: Cove Island
Racing Class: Class J
Division: Division I - Cove Island
Entry Status:
Rating and Other Information:
Skipper:Ryan Johnson
Race Rating: 0.8455
Rating Notes:
Race Reported Times:
Finish Time:Monday - 09:27:10
Elapsed Time:45:07:10
Corrected Time:38:08:54
Mackinac Island Harbor Assignment: Zone G
(see Harbor Chart)
Boat Information:
Sail Number:USA 60376
Boat Type:Sabre 402
Mfg. Date:1999
Hull Color:Blue
Spinnaker Colors:Silver

( Corinthian Crew )
Crew List:

  • Ryan Johnson - Chicago, IL
  • Stuart Friedman - Chicago, IL
  • Brett Larson - Batavia, Il
  • Eric Schoefernacker - Darien, IL
  • Erik Zamudio - Chicago, Illinois
  • Mike Korbel - Chicago, IL
  • Paul Hermanson - New York, NY
  • Rick Stage - Chicago, IL

    About Perico...

    Perico (pronounced pay-reecoh, rolled r optional) is named after a famous Cuban donkey. Perico became a pet of the town of Santa Clara in the 30's and 40's on retirement from his earlier career pulling an ice cream cart. He spent his retirement years meandering his former ice cream route and graciously accepting offerings of food and beverage from the locals. He was particularly fond of beer and was well-know at many of the local taverns and well-liked by their purveyors and patrons. When he passed in 1947, his obituary was published in the New York Times and a statue in his honor was erected in the town plaza. Perico's spirit lives on in this racing yacht, which counts among her many successes the 2016 Chicago-Mackinac Cruising Division Overall championship. Perico hopes to to get to the island quickly in her first Bayview-Mac, where her crew will graciously accept any and all offerings of beer.

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