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2018 Bell's Beer Bayview Mackinac Race
Current Race News

Current Race News...
03-Apr-2018 - 10:47am

Dear ORR-EZ racer:

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29-Mar-2018 - 12:35pm

April 1, 2018

Dear Bell’s Beer Bayview Mackinac Race (BBBMR) Skippers, Crew, Sponsors and Spectators:

Race p
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09-Mar-2018 - 02:57pm

March 9th, 2018


To: Competitors of the Bell’s Beer Bayview Mackinac Race

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17-Apr-2018 - 06:39pm - *** Press Release ***

Ticking all the right boxes


DETROIT, MICH. (April 16, 2018) – The best thing about t
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17-May-2017 - 05:52pm - *** Press Release ***

The Race That Keeps on Giving (Back)

DETROIT, MICH. (May 17, 2017) - Bell's Beer Bayview Mackinac Race, the longest
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19-Jul-2016 - 03:34pm - *** Press Release ***

Records and Winners for 92nd Edition

MACKINAC ISLAND, MICH. (July 19, 2016) – The 92nd read more...)

13-Jun-2017 - 03:22pm


From the Chair-

Deadlines! Deadlines! Deadlines! So many deadlines! There are a few impending deadlines that should be very important to you. The deadline to register for the Race is swiftly closing in!  If you plan to race, you have until 1700 hours on Thursday, June 15th to: 1) enter the race, and 2) pay your entry fee without incurring a late (or administrative) fee of $300 (NOR 7, last paragraph).  There is also a deadline involved, again June 15th, with respect to electing to change Divisions (Division I – Cove Island; Division II - Shore Course).  Although I think the likelihood of anyone changing their Division this year is unlikely due to the handicap system change, I would be remiss if I didn’t remind you that, in accordance with NOR 5 (e), should you elect to change Divisions after June 15th, there will be an administrative fee of $200 assessed. And the final, final deadline for this Race is 1700 hours on June 30th, 2017 which is the deadline to: 1) change your rating and 2) submit your rating certificate.  To change your rating, you would need to submit a copy of the valid (that means signed) changed certificate. But whether you’re sending an original certificate or sending a certificate that’s been corrected/changed, I need to receive the certificate by 1700 hours which in turn means that I probably won’t get it in time if you’re emailing it to me at 16:59.

For the Super Mack – even though registration closed on June 8th, you still have until June 15th to: 1) enter this race, and 2) pay your entry fee ($150) without incurring additional fees ($100 late fee).  At this point, there are 10 boats entered, half the number anticipated.  We are still holding the event despite our reservations about the low turn-out and I encourage your participation.

I can’t begin to tell you how glad I am that this is the last ‘nagging’ communication you’ll receive from me (I think-)!  Time to move on to other more fun things to communicate-  In the meantime, be safe, sail fast, and have fun!  July will be here before we know it-

Tricia Smotherman, Race Chair, 2017 Bell’s Beer Bayview Mackinac Race

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