July 14, 2022
Race Chair Communication #22

The class splits and the Addendum to the Sailing Instructions with the starting times are posted to the race website at www.bycmack.com under the Competitors tab, Scratch Sheet, and Official Board. (There are buttons at the bottom of this communication that will take you directly to the documents as well.)
Personally, I am not happy with the class splits. We have had several issues impacting the class splits this year including:
  • US Sailing being late with certificates
  • Late Withdrawals
  • Withdrawals from OD classes
Here we sit just 2 days before the race, and we are still waiting for some certificates. I wish there was a better way to split the fleet but at this time I don’t see one. 
A few housekeeping items.
Registration is today, Thursday, July 14 from 12 – 7 pm at Bayview Yacht Club, and tomorrow, Friday, July 15 from 9 am – 4 pm on the deck at the Port Huron Yacht Club. 
Please install your YB Tracker as soon as possible. We will be checking to make sure they are all working. If we find that your YB Tracker is not transmitting, we will be contacting the owner or PIC to replace it. All YB Trackers should be “live” on the YB Tracker App as soon as you register. Instructions for installing your YB Tracker can be found on the race website in the Virtual Skipper Packet section.
Crew changes can be made with the registration team during the hours listed above. After registration closes at 4 pm on Friday, July 15, please radio the Signal Boat on the racecourse with any crew changes on Saturday morning. 
Please allow extra time to get to your boat in Port Huron as there are road and bridge closures with the Blue Water Fest. The Military Street Bridge is closed to traffic. 
Now, let’s go racing!!
Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns at any time over the next several weeks.

Chris Clark
Chair, 2022 Bayview Mackinac Race

These communications are unofficial and informal. They are intended to provide information quickly and efficiently. This communication does not replace the NOR or SI’s; they are the “Official” documents.