Dear Bayview Mackinac Race Skippers, Crew, Sponsors, and Spectators:

Activity on the waterfront is starting to ramp up. Boats are being launched, and everyone is planning their summer. We have been working hard at getting all the rest of the 2022 race details worked out. Due to the issues of the last two years, it is almost like starting over completely from scratch. Virtually everything has changed to some extent.

Quick Information

Race Website (

There are some reported performance issues. Rob Bunn is working hard to minimize the inconvenience to the competitors. As I discussed earlier this year, we have been working on upgrading the website. For many years the entire site ran on somewhat antiquated software. As we improve, we are learning just how much work there is yet to go. The performance issues are sporadic and not always triggered by the same actions; therefore, it is very difficult to come to the root cause and correct it. The team (Rob) is working on it. We appreciate your patience. In our effort to become a “green” event, on the race website, we have added under the Official Documents section a Skipper Packet tab. Under this tab, you will find the items typically distributed in printed form in the Skipper’s Packet. Items will be added as they become available.

Shore Course vs. Cove Island Course

Instead of expressing the limit in ORC GPH, we will express it in terms of the custom wind mix rating for the Shore Course that is printed on all rating certificates. This should make things easier and more relevant to the Shore Course boats. The Shore Course Speed Limit has been significantly increased. This should be good news for many competitors. The new Speed Limit is as follows:

  1. If a boat’s Shore Course ORC handicap is less than 0.9900, the boat is eligible for the Shore Course Division. Just as in the past, a competitor that qualifies for the Shore Course Division can elect to sail in the Cove Island Division. Over the last two years, many competitors have really enjoyed sailing on the shore course. This change will allow those competitors to pick their course.
  2. If the boat’s Shore Course ORC handicap is greater than or equal to 0.9900, the boat is required to race in the Cove Island Division.

The NOR will be amended accordingly. Remember, the NOR is the official document.

Sport Boats

Boats that meet the qualifications for entry into the Sport Boat Class are now part of the greater Shore Course Division, making them eligible for Division Awards.

Virtual Cove Island Buoy

Just a reminder, there will be no physical Cove Island Buoy. The location will be described as a Latitude / Longitude pair. This is the new normal for yacht races worldwide. YB Tracking is well equipped and experienced at enforcing proper rounding of virtual marks. I have received several emails about the difficulty of virtual rounding. To reduce that difficulty, we have changed from a Mark to a Gate. The unofficial description of this gate will be posted along with this communication. Please see the Sailing Instructions when posted for the official description. On a personal note, there have been virtual marks on almost every offshore race I have done in the past three years. I have rounded in tight company, and all roundings went well. Everyone worked together to provide every opportunity for all boats to comply with the race requirements. Just use the RRS.

Cove Island Virtual Mark Information

Virtual Finish Line

Just as we have done for the last two years, the finish line will be virtual, and finishing times will be recorded via YB Tracking. As many people already know, we will be finishing in front of Mission Point. I was just at Mission Point last week working on establishing the finish line. The unofficial description of the finish line is included in this document. Please see the Sailing Instructions for the official description. The greatest unknown is where the cruise ship Viking Octantis will be anchored when the first boats finish. I assume everyone saw the pictures of the Octantis when it was at Mackinac Island on 5 May 2022. At that time, the Octantis was anchored with its bow on the finish line. The additional finish line length will allow room to accommodate the Octantis and our finishers. The ownership of Mission Point Resort is working with the cruise ship company representatives in an effort to make sure we all have the room we need. Mission Point Resort is proud to host the 2022 Bayview Mackinac Race Island Awards. While I was on the island, Liz Ware of Mission Point gave me a tour of just some of the upgrades recently made to the Resort, it is beautiful. Mission Point is rolling out the red carpet for us. Thanks Liz!

Virtual Finish Line Information

Docking on Mackinac Island

As previously stated, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources has permitted us to tie up to 170 boats. Historic registration for the race is just over 200 boats. This means everyone will NOT get to tie up in the harbor. There are 170 boats registered today, which means the harbor proper is full. We are going to be able to use the coal docks this year. It looks like we will be able to accommodate between 35 and 40 boats on the coal docks. The next 35 to 40 boats that register will be on the coal docks. We are working to accommodate as many boats as possible. I can’t make it any clearer. Docking in the harbor and at other locations on the island will be assigned in order of paid registration. No exceptions.

US Coast Guard Jim Motschall, our US Coast Guard liaison, has been hard at work also:

The USCG has new requirements for fire extinguishers. Information has been sent out to everyone in the race Eblast database. More information can be found at If the link does not work, search for “uscg-2018-0099-0018.” Please make sure that your onboard fire extinguishers comply with the new requirements.

Canadian Border Services

While race participants do not have the “intent to land” in Canada, there are non-optional reporting requirements if you are required to land in case of an emergency. Please see the requirements at: Reporting requirements for private boaters ( The summary is posted on the race website under the Official Board, Skipper Packets. The Canadian Government has also provided us with “4 Rules for Sailing in Canadian Waters”. It will also be posted on the race website under the Official Board, Skipper Packets.

US Sailing and ORC

Getting a proper ORC certificate is a boat owner’s responsibility. I strongly encourage everyone to review your certificates. Make sure your data is correct, especially your sail measurements.

Issuing a rating is not just a single person or entity’s work. Ratings are issued by a coordinated effort between a Member National Authority (MNA) and the ORC. For most Bayview Mackinac participants, the MNA is either US Sailing or Sail Canada. US Sailing is working on a more streamlined system for collecting information and issuing ORC ratings. Please be patient as US Sailing completes the behind-the-scenes work they need to do. The race is not until July, so please don’t start calling them and emailing if you don’t have your certificate as quickly as you think you should. The reality is that many races happen before ours, and the MNAs must accommodate those races before ours. We need to understand that MNAs do not have unlimited resources.

This does not mean you shouldn’t start planning or making your application for a 2022 ORC Certificate. To process your 2022 certificate, go to the following websites:

US Registered Boats – ORC – US Sailing
Canadian Registered Boats –
And write to Phil Barron at ORC Canada:

I was just on a country-wide web meeting with US Sailing and all the yacht clubs running offshore handicap races in 2022. US Sailing emphasized that Handicap Certificates, regardless of certificate type (ORC/ORR), are being processed in the order of need, not the order submitted. This does not mean you can hold off on submitting your application. Please make sure your application is into US Sailing.

Items from the last communication that are still relevant

NOR Amendment #1

Last month an update to the NOR was posted. Please go to the race website and read the amendment. The harbor agreement came with some Contractually Mandated punishment for violation of harbor rules. The bulk of these rules falls under the Michigan Clean Harbors Initiative. We are working on getting more definitive information, but some of the listed items in the DNR contract are:

It is up to all of us to be Ambassadors for the sport of sailing and make sure our hosts know much we appreciate the privilege of racing to Mackinac Island every year.

Future Race Dates

Bayview Yacht Club and Chicago Yacht Club have agreed on future dates to celebrate the 100th Bayview Mackinac Race in 2024. Please note that the Bayview Mackinac Race will be first in 2023 on July 15th and second in 2024 on July 20th. I want to thank Chicago Yacht Club for working with us to ensure the BYC 100th is as much of a success as the CYC 100th was in 2008. All future dates can be found on our website,

What do I want you to remember?

I want to thank our sponsors and supporters for the race, Atwater Brewery – Presenting Sponsor, Bayview Mackinac Race Foundation – Presenting Sponsor, Shinola, FUL Beverage, Tito’s Handmade Vodka – Official Vodka Sponsor, Faygo Beverages, Shepler’s Mackinac Island Ferry – Official Ferry, Sika Corporation, Aitken & Ormond Insurance, Frankenmuth Insurance, Claddagh Coffee, Pink Pony, Captain’s Boat Care and Marx Layne; without their support, we could not have a regatta of this caliber. I hope you patronize their products and/or services! We at Bayview Yacht Club are honored that you choose to participate in the Bayview Mackinac Race and are putting forth our best effort to make it the best it can be for you. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns at any time over the next year.

Chris Clark
Chair, 2022 Bayview Mackinac Race

These communications are unofficial and informal. They are intended to provide information quickly and efficiently. This communication does not replace the NOR or SI’s; they are the “Official” documents.