June 21, 2022
Race Chair Communication #9

Dear Bayview Mackinac Race Skippers, Crew, Sponsors, and Spectators:

Let’s get ready to Race!!

As I said in the last communication, we have been working hard at getting all of the 2022 race details worked out. Due to the issues of the previous two years, it is almost like starting over completely from scratch. Virtually everything has changed to some extent. The new normal is not the pre-2020 normal.

The new normal is not the pre-2020 normal.

Quick Information


Shore Course vs. Cove Island Course

As announced in the last communication, the Shore Course Speed Limit has been significantly increased. This should be good news for many competitors. I am excited to sail the Cove Island Course after two years away due to COVID restrictions.
Just a reminder, the new Speed Limit is as follows:
The NOR will be amended accordingly. Remember, the NOR is the official document.



Protests will NOT be heard on Mackinac Island. Protests will be heard at Bayview Yacht Club after the race and before the awards party on Friday, September 23. This may impact giving out the flags on the island.
Why are we doing this? Supporting a protest committee is VERY expensive, even more so if it is an International Jury. One option we have used in the past, web meeting protests, are thought to be unfair by many jurors. When forced to make a tradeoff between increasing entry fees and cutting back the party on the island vs. having a jury on the island? For me, the decision is simple. We will do the protests, if any, at BYC.
The Sailing Instructions will be enabling RRS Appendix V1, allowing a 30% penalty up to the time of a protest hearing. If, for some reason, a competitor does not do their penalty turns on the racecourse, this is a simple and easy option that can even be applied on the island.
Protests will be heard before August 19, 2022. Protested competitors that do not schedule their protest hearing on or before August 5, 2022, will automatically be given the 30% penalty.

NOR Section 19
NOR Section 19 is NOT intended to turn Mackinac Island into a police state. The purpose is to make sure every boat owner or PIC knows that they are responsible for the behavior of their boat and shore crew before, during and after the race up to 11 am on Wednesday, regardless of if the boat is in the harbor or not. Both Mackinac races have had incidents where actions by a few impacts the many.
We are guests on Mackinac Island and need to act accordingly. I am not saying don’t have fun. I encourage fun and even shenanigans. Section 19 does NOT change any rules or requirements. The boat owner or PIC has always been responsible for the crew and subject to discipline. Section 19 simply removes the responsibility from the Race Committee and puts it in the hands of the Mackinac Race Authority and the Bayview Yacht Club Board of Governors.
Enjoy yourselves on the island just don’t break any of the harbor rules and be respectful of people and property on the island.


Environmental Responsibility

Everyone that knows me well knows it is doubtful you will ever find me at an environmental protest. However, I do attempt to be environmentally responsible. The future of our sport depends on taking care of our environment. Over the last five years, while I have been on the Mackinac Race Authority, we have consciously taken steps to improve and move up the “Green” scale. Reducing printed material, online notice boards, virtual marks, and elimination of bow stickers are just some of the steps we have taken. Granted, some of these were facilitated by the pandemic, but we must maintain the ground we have gained.
To that end, we have registered as a Clean Regatta with Sailors for the Sea. As with any cultural change, the first step is awareness. The event is working hard to improve; we now need our competitors to become more aware and start taking action. As Sailors for the Sea states, it is not about perfection; it is about progress.  See the link below for the information you should consider and start to implement on your boats.
Leave Nothing but a Wake On the Lake or in the Harbor

Clean Regatta – Tool Kit

US Customs and Border Patrol

We have just received the following reminder from our US Coast Guard liaison. Canadian sailors MUST carry:
  1. Enhanced Canadian driver’s license or passport
  2. Be fully vaccinated
  3. When arriving at the Island, every crew member MUST report in on the app-CBP Roam.

Canadian Border Services
While race participants do not have the “intent to land” in Canada, there are non-optional reporting requirements if you are required to land in case of an emergency.  Please see the requirements at: Reporting requirements for private boaters (cbsa-asfc.gc.ca). The summary is also posted on the race website under the Official Board tab, Skippers Packets.

Transporting Fuel to Mackinac Island

Shepler’s cannot accept fuel containers that are either filled with fuel or have been filled with fuel on their passenger ferries. Knowing that many of you rely on Shepler’s to get fuel cans to the island for your use after the race, Chris has offered the following:

This information is also posted on the race website under the Official Board tab, Skippers Packet.


Straits Harbor Fuel Dock

The DNR has asked us to inform our competitors that the Straits Harbor Fuel Dock will only be open from 9 – 11 a.m. and 1 – 3 p.m. due to staffing shortages.

US Sailing and ORC

Getting a proper ORC certificate is a boat owner’s responsibility. I strongly encourage everyone to review your certificates. Make sure your data is correct, especially your sail measurements.
I know US Sailing has been slow to issue Certificates. As I have said before, they are processed in order of need. Now that the Bermuda race Certificates are done, we should be next.
You should have started this process a long time ago, but in case you have not, to process your 2022 certificate, go to the following websites:
US Registered Boats –                    ORC – US Sailing
Canadian Registered Boats –        www.orc.org/clubapplication
And write to Phil Barron at ORC Canada: ratings@orc-canada.org.


Opportunity to Give Back

Bayview Yacht Club is proud to be a Contributing Sponsor of Mackinac Associates. The mission of Mackinac Associates is simple and encompassing: Friends preserving and sharing Mackinac’s heritage.
Mackinac Associates is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization supporting programs at Mackinac State Historic Parks. Mackinac State Historic Parks is a family of living history museums and parks. As race participants, we all enjoy the island and must give back when we can. Mackinac Associates is a great opportunity. Please check out all their excellent work.
 Mackinac Associates: Help us support programs at the sites of Mackinac State Historic Parks.

If you can contribute, please do so at :

Join Mackinac Associates and help support Mackinac State Historical Parks!

Bayview Mackinac Race – Official Gear

Official 2022 Bayview Mackinac Race gear is available for pre-order! We are happy to partner with High Winds Graphix to provide our merchandise. Pre-orders are due by midnight June 26th for pick-up at Bayview Yacht Club during Skipper Check-In.
If you have special orders or questions, please reach out to Laurie@hwgfx.com.
A limited selection of merchandise will be available at the below times and locations:
Thursday, July 14, at Bayview Yacht Club from 12 – 7 p.m.
Sunday, July 17 at Mission Point Resort from 12 – 6:30 p.m.
Monday, July 18, at Mission Point Resort from 12 – 6:30 p.m.
Tuesday, July 19, at the Island Awards Party, Great Lawn, Mission Point Resort, from 12 – 3 p.m.
Merchandise can be found on the official race website at www.bycmack.com under the Shop tab or click below!

Bayview Mackinac Race – Official Gear – Online Store

Future Race Dates
Bayview Yacht Club and Chicago Yacht Club have agreed on future dates to celebrate the 100th Bayview Mackinac Race in 2024. Please note that the Bayview Mackinac Race will be first in 2023 (July 15) and second in 2024 (July 20). I want to thank Chicago Yacht Club for working with us to ensure the BYC 100th is as successful as the CYC 100th was in 2008. Future dates can be found on our website, www.bycmack.com.
Race Requirements Reminder
What do I want you to remember? 

I want to thank our sponsors and supporters for the race: Atwater Brewery – Presenting Sponsor, Bayview Mackinac Race Foundation – Presenting Sponsor, Draft Kings – Presenting Sponsor, Shinola, Faygo Beverages, FUL Beverage, Aperol – Campari America, Tito’s Handmade Vodka – Official Vodka, Mission Point Resort – Official Hotel, Shepler’s Mackinac Island Ferry – Official Ferry, Sika Corporation, Aitken & Ormond Insurance & Frankenmuth Insurance – Kids Club Sponsor at Island Awards, Claddagh Coffee Roasters, Precision Garage Door of Southeast Michigan, Pink Pony, Marx Layne, High Winds Graphix, Captain’s Boat Care, and yachtSOFT.com-Marine Electronics.

We at Bayview Yacht Club are honored that you choose to participate in the Bayview Mackinac Race and are putting forth our best effort to make it the best it can be for you.


Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns at any time over the next year.

Chris Clark
Chair, 2022 Bayview Mackinac Race

These communications are unofficial and informal. They are intended to provide information quickly and efficiently. This communication does not replace the NOR or SI’s; they are the “Official” documents.