Announcing the Shinola “Race to the 45th Parallel”
To all Bayview Mackinac Race competitors, we are excited to announce that Shinola Detroit will sponsor an all-new Race within a Race or “Race to the 45th Parallel.” There will be overall prizes awarded, by Shinola, in each division (I, II, & III), for the boat with the fastest corrected time from the start of the Bayview Mackinac Race to an imaginary line that crosses Lake Huron at the 45th parallel.  Together with YB Tracker, each boat’s transponder will be pinged as they cross the 45th parallel and overall finishers will be recognized at the Island Awards Party on Tuesday afternoon.
It’s important to know that the “Race to the 45th Parallel” is outside of the Bayview Mackinac Race Rules as posted in the NOR and Sailing Instructions and there are no grounds for protests or redress.
Good luck to all competitors and we look forward to seeing you on Mackinac Island!
About Shinola
Born in Detroit, Shinola is a design brand with an unwavering commitment to crafting lasting products, from watches to leather goods and even a hotel. We celebrate timeless design and thoughtful craftsmanship with products and stories that inspire people to live well and be confident in a style that is uniquely their own.
Shinola and its team actively work with local communities and organizations to further share stories of craft, commitment, and culture. 
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