2020 Bayview Mackinac Race
Current Race News

Current Race News...
12-Jul-2020 - 05:07pm

Hello, Here is link to pictures from PH. Please share with media. We have nice traffic on gallery already??

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08-Jul-2020 - 11:34pm

Bayview Mackinac Race - Update - July 8, 2020

Current items to update everyone on.

07-Jul-2020 - 06:07pm

It is the Boat Owners or PIC’s responsibility to make sure the tracker is functioning after you pick up the tracker.

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Current Press Releases...
26-Jun-2020 - 12:54pm


Before you cross the start line, please click on this link and check out the latest Newsletter for the Bayview Mackinac Race from North Sails newsletter.  

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