2021 Bayview Mackinac Race
Current Race News

Current Race News...
24-Mar-2021 - 02:34pm

Mackinac Racers:

Due to ongoing COVID issues, the Race Committee has been unable to secure the Mackinac Island marina for our exc
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16-Feb-2021 - 04:59pm

February 16, 2021

Mac Skippers,

If you are considering getting a fully measured ORCi certificate, now is the time
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12-Feb-2021 - 01:40pm

February 12, 2021

Hello sailors!

We continue to plan for this year’s Bayview Mackinac Race and hope that you
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Current Press Releases...
07-Aug-2020 - 03:01pm

August 7, 2020

Current items to update everyone on.

  • The Award’s presentation has NOT been canceled.  The plaques are on order.
  • Based on current social distancing and restrictions on the size of events that can be hosted at BYC, we cannot currently schedule a social event at the club of this expected size.
  •  The fall Award’s presentation is still being planned but obviously we may likely have issues if the current restrictions stay in effect.
  • The class flags will be distributed in the short term.  Working out logistics and will communicate date, time and place.
  • We have worked out the Mackinac Island slip refunds to be at a rate of $2.25/foot/boat.  Assuming you are due a refund, and did not withdraw before the start, we can begin processing them once you have selected one of three options for your refund by contacted Linda (linda@byc.com) or myself (mackchair2020@byc.com).
    1. Apply to your 2021 Mackinac Race entry fee
    2. Donate to the Bayview Mackinac Race Foundation
    3. Refund to the method of payment for the 2020 entry fee.

Our motto remains the same, Stay Patient, Stay Flexible and rest assured we have not forgotten about the awards or harbor refunds.

Chris Clark

Chairman - 2020 Bayview Mackinac Race

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